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Doing a month (mother care course) 60 Hours (5 Days)

In the past, there were many ways in Postpartum care but the important one was “doing a month” or in Thai “Yoo Fai (staying fire)”. Old people believe that during pregnancy, there will be a lot of change including body imbalance, weight or internal organs of women’s body are expanded.

“Doing the month” is arts and science that has been practiced since the good old days until these days. It is folk wisdom that flows through many generations as our grandparents see the importance of postpartum health of a mother. Today, ancient traditions meet modern practices combining a variety of useful herbs to help women recover after parturition.??By using the method of heat to heal traumatic uterus, reducing lochia, bringing uterus to its normal position and relieving pain in lower abdomen, back and inner thighs.

“Doing a month” (Yoo Fai) also help in body imbalance and health problems as follows:

  • body ache and bone pain
  • shivering due to raining or cold air
  • bad blood circulation due to irregular menstrual cycle
  • foul-smelling leucorrhea
  • dry and darkened skin especially on private part area.
  • Knowledge of herb, how to make herbal compress and herbal compress massage
  • Treatments for Salt steaming, charcoal sitting and stone compressing
  • Traditional sauna , Thai herbal body scrub
  • Amniotic fluid driving sesame oil massage and soothe the womb after delivery

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  • ได้รับการรับรองจากกระทรวงศึกษา
  • เป็นศูนย์ทดสอบมาตราฐานฝีมือแรงงาน ภายใต้สังกัดกรมพัฒนาฝีมือแรงงานภาค 3 ซึ่งเป็นโรงเรียนที่ได้มาตราฐานตามเกณฑ์
  • สอนโดยครูมืออาชีพที่รู้จริง
  • ฝึกซ้อมนวดและเรียนจริงทุกขั้นตอน จบแล้วนวดได้จริงๆ
  • ได้รับใบประกาศทั้งไทยและอังกฤษ

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